My Battle with Gluten

Who doesn’t love comfort foods? Breads, pastas, and cookies are some of my favourite foods. I know they aren’t good for me, and I don’t eat cookies and pasta a whole lot. In fact, I always buy/make whole wheat or grain bread, I always make whole wheat pasta and try and stay away from other “white” carbs. Over the past few months I’ve noticed something bad happening to my body after eating these foods. I would become very irritable (which I would shrug off as being tired, I do have a new baby after all!), become very bloated with abdominal pain, have almost daily headaches, and I would have no energy. I started to become a person I didn’t like, I wasn’t myself and I felt terrible. I felt like I kept feeling worse and worse as time went on. Keep in mind, our family eats very clean. We don’t eat any processed or pre-packaged foods. We eat whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats. I bake/BBQ/steam most foods, so we aren’t eating fried food.

I read a lot and have a friend that has a gluten allergy. A lot of my symptoms were similar to hers. When my daughter went for her 2 month check up, I mentioned to my Dr. the way I was feeling, I thought perhaps I could have some PPSD or that I could have a gluten intolerance. Since I was still consuming gluten rich foods, he decided to order a blood test. He told me to continue eating the way I was, and that my results would be back within a week.

Last week, he confirmed that I wasn’t in fact going crazy and that I did have a gluten intolerance. Next steps are to find out how badly the intolerance is, and if I have Celiac Disease.

I am also pondering the idea if eating gluten my entire life and having an intolerance has stunted my growth? – One can wish!


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